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Learning Scene

If you are new to FutureFund, here are a few important concepts you should know about:

  • Campaign: A vehicle for collecting money. Examples include, yearbooks, spirit wear, PTA memberships, donations, etc.
  • Fund: A link to a bank account. When campaigns are sold they are deposited into their associated fund. A campaign can only have one fund and the fund cannot be changed.
  • Offline Payment: A non-credit card payment collected outside of FutureFund. Although the payment is collected outside of FutureFund, receipt can be recorded in FutureFund.
  • Parent: For brevity when we use 'parent' in our documentation we mean 'parent/guardian'.
  • Platform Account: One charge is made for each order (except installments). Parents will see a single charge for each order. Each fund will receive a separate deposit.
  • Stripe: Stripe is a company we use to process credit card transactions. They are used for platform and standalone accounts.