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Dues Apportionment


Many parent teacher organizations are required to remit a fixed amount to a local, state, or national organization. For example, a PTA organization may need to remit $5.00 to their local PTA council when they sell a membership.

Dues apportionment in FutureFund solves this problem by automatically depositing the apportioned amount to the correct multi-level association.

How it works


When a parent purchases a Membership campaign with apportioned funds, the apportioned amount is deducted before the funds are deposited. For example:

  1. Parent purchase a membership for $25.00. The campaign has an apportioned fund with a $5.00 amount.
  2. The parent's credit card is charged $25.00.
  3. Two deposits appear on the backend, $15.00 to the campaign's main fund and $5.00 to the apportioned fund.

When viewing the Balance Transactions for the order, the following will be displayed:

Apportioned Transfers

Refunds and Disputes

Refunds and disputes are deducted from the campaign's available balance. The apportioned fund's balance is not changed. Returning to the above example:

  1. Admin issues a refund for the full amount of $15.00
  2. The $25.00 is deducted from the campaign's main fund.
  3. The apportioned fund's balance is not changed.


  • This feature is available in beta. Please let our support team know if you are interesting in participating.
  • This feature requires Platform Accounts.
  • Dues apportionment campaign availability is limited to Membership campaigns (all types).
  • Apportioned fund account balances are not debited (funds are only deposited, never removed).