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Electronic Membership Cards


FutureFund will automatically create and distribute electronic membership cards to members when memberships are sold.

Membership Scene

The look and feel of the card will be based on your actual membership card. The card above is only an example.

How it works

Before membership sales start, an image of your membership card is uploaded to the FutureFund application. Our team will program in the specific locations where the name and organization should appear.

When an order is placed and marked as paid, a membership is generated based on the type of campaign. The electronic membership card is emailed to the member when an email address is present. They can also view the membership card in the Member Services section.

Admins can view the membership card as well as send an email to the member with card as an attachment.

Customizable Fields

The following fields can be added to the membership card. All fields are optional:

  • Member Name - The full name of the member
  • Organization Name - The name of the organization
  • Organization Unit ID - A unique number assigned to the organization from the parent organization