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Free Plan

FutureFund is excited to offer a new plan for all schools starting in the 2022-2023 school year. We call it our Free plan.

Our new pricing plan will eliminate the annual fee for all schools and programs. There will be no charge to schools to use FutureFund. No invoices. No checks. Totally Free. We are not removing any features either. You still get all the amazing features we have today. We are making these changes for a few reasons:

  1. Affordability: Our mission is to enrich the lives of students everywhere by providing an easy and effective way to raise funds for school programs. By eliminating the annual fee, we will be able to offer FutureFund to schools where the current pricing was a barrier to their adoption.
  2. Accounting: The amount of money a program receives varies based on how many purchasers selected the “Cover Processing Fees” option during checkout. In some cases, programs needed to refund excess money collected if they were over budget. This change will simplify the process. When someone donates $100 you will receive $100.
  3. Usage: Some schools want to use FutureFund for a single campaign vs a full adoption of the FutureFund platform. This change will enable schools to use a single campaign, membership management, or the online directory.
  4. Adoption: Over 85% of parents opt to cover the processing fees during checkout. This high adoption rate shows a willingness by parents to support the processing costs.
  5. Industry: The new model follows what many other platforms are doing, making the platform free and distributing the costs at the time of purchase.

With the new plans, the following changes will take place:

  • The “Cover Processing Fee” option will be removed and automatically incorporated as a “Platform Fee” during checkout. Information will be included explaining this to the parent.
  • The Platform Fee will be 4.9% + $0.30/transaction of the order total (this includes the credit card processing fee). This will be covered by the purchaser and automatically added during checkout. As they do today, schools have the option to refund this fee at their discretion.

This change will take place for the 2022-2023 school year and be available starting July 1, 2022.