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Registration Setup

Customizing the Registration Flow

Registration Pages

The registration flow is comprised of sequential pages. Parents progress from on page to the next. Pages cannot be skipped, but parents can go back to a previous page.

There are several types of registration pages:

Type Required Description
Sign Up Yes Collects parent and student information. It must appear before campaigns.
Directory No Parents configure how their directory information will be displayed.
Volunteer No Allows parents to sign up for volunteer positions.
Custom No Text, campaigns, and forms appear on custom pages.
Checkout Yes Displays the cart and forms for payment.
Receipt Yes Displays the receipt. This page must come immediately after the Checkout page.


  • The registration flow is limited to one page for each page type except the custom page. It wouldn't make sense to have two receipt pages.
  • Once the parent is sent to the receipt page, they cannot go back to previous pages.
  • Campaigns and Forms can only be added to custom pages between the Sign Up and Checkout pages.
  • It is possible to add custom pages after the receipt page for additional information.

Registration Section

Custom pages are comprised of multiple registration sections. Non-custom pages, can have at most one custom (text) section appearing at the top of the page.

Custom Section

There are three types of registration sections:

Type Description
Custom Show text, images, videos, and attachments to parents. This is great for creating a welcome page, discussing clubs and activities, or providing access to important documents such as the student handbook.
Form Displays a form to collect additional information during registration.
Campaign Displays a campaign allowing parents to make purchases and donations.


  • Campaigns and Forms can only be added once in the registration.
  • Campaigns and Forms can only be added to custom pages between the Sign Up and Checkout pages.

Best Practices

When creating a registration flow, keep the following in mind:

  • Be concise when writing text. Parent tend not to read large amount of text during registration.
  • Limit registration to 10 pages. Our systems will support any number of pages, however, too many pages will cause parents to fail to complete registration.
  • Add a custom page before the sign up page. Use this page to set expectations on how long the process will take, important dates, and information on walk-through registration (if needed).
  • Don't link to external sites during registration. An example of this is yearbooks. Some schools sell yearbooks through the publisher and include a link in registration. Parents click on the link and complete their purchase on the publisher's website and think they completed registration.
  • Include donations first. When adding campaigns to FutureFund, we recommend having donations on a dedicated page before campaigns for yearbooks, PE clothes, spirit wear etc.

Enabling and Disabling Registration

Registration is accessible to parents when the Allow parents and guardians to register students setting is enabled. To toggle the setting:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Registration > Setup.
  • Check or uncheck Allow parents and guardians to register students in the Advanced Section (bottom of screen).

    Enable Registration

  • Click the Update button.

Reordering Registration Pages

Change the order of the registration pages with the Sort Pages link in the right sidebar. In the following dialog, drag and drop the pages to the desired order. Click the Close button to finish the process.

Sort Pages Link

Restricting a Campaign to a Grade

During registration, campaigns can be restricted to selected grade levels. By default, they are shown to all grades. This feature is helpful when selling/collecting:

  • School Supply Kits
  • Field Trips
  • School Dances
  • Test Prep Services

To restrict grades, in the Admin, navigate to Registration > Setup:

  1. Select the page where the campaign is displayed.
  2. Select the campaign or page section.
  3. Click the Edit Advanced Settings button on the bottom of the page in the Advanced Section.
  4. Select the grades to view the campaign.

    Grade Restriction

  5. Click the Update Registration Section button.