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Campaign Overview

Campaigns are used to collect money. Examples include, yearbooks, spirit wear, PTA memberships, donations, etc. A campaign is linked to a single fund directing sales to the fund's bank account.

There are seven campaign types:

  • Donation: Great way to collect donations for a project or general fund. Donations allow parents to specify the amount to donate with an optional installment plan.
  • Purchase: Use to sell physical products such as yearbooks and spirit wear and collect money for fees such as lab fees.
  • Membership: Used when selling PTA and PTSA memberships, but can be used for ASB memberships as well.
  • Multi-Level Membership: Used when selling premium memberships for organizations offing a variety of membership levels.
  • Fundraiser: Use a Fundraiser campaign to set a goal and collect donations for a project or achievement. Fundraiser campaigns support the same campaign options as donation campaigns.
  • Pledge-A-Thons: Used to collect money from friends and family for run-a-thons, read-a-thons, etc.
  • External: Link to third party sites for yearbooks, cafeteria funds, or anything else not in FutureFund. External campaigns provide a way to keep everything parents need in the store without having to remember different sites.
  • Sign Up Campaign: Allow parents to sign up for free programs without having the pay by credit card. This is a good alternative to products with zero dollar amounts as their purpose and use is clearer.

Campaign Examples

Schools can create any number of campaigns for any activity they choose. Here are a few campaign ideas:

  • Yearbooks
  • Dollar-A-Day Donations
  • Fundraisers
  • Spirit Wear
  • PE Clothes
  • Parent’s Night Out Tickets
  • Birthday Board
  • Classroom Donations
  • Technology Donations
  • Reading Programs
  • Science/Lab Fees
  • Field Trips
  • Class Supply Kits
  • PTA/PTSA/PFC Memberships
  • ASB Memberships
  • Dance Tickets
  • Library Donations
  • Sports Registration