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Campaigns are used to collect money. Examples include, yearbooks, spirit wear, PTA memberships, donations, etc. A campaign is linked to a single fund directing sales to the fund's bank account.

There are several types of campaigns:

  • Donation: Great way to collect donations for a project or general fund. Donations allow parents to specify the amount to donate with an optional installment plan.
  • Purchase: Use to sell physical products such as yearbooks and spirit wear and collect money for fees such as lab fees.
  • Membership: Used when selling PTA and PTSA memberships, but can be used for ASB memberships as well.
  • Pledge: Used to collect money from friends and family for run-a-thons, read-a-thons, etc. See Store: Pledges for more information.

Schools can create any number of campaigns for any activity they choose. Here are a few campaign ideas:

  • Yearbooks
  • Dollar-A-Day
  • Spirit Wear
  • PE Clothes
  • Parent’s Night Out Tickets
  • Birthday Board
  • Classroom Donations
  • Technology Donations
  • Reading Programs
  • Science/Lab Fees
  • Field Trips
  • Class Supply Kits
  • PTA Memberships
  • Library Donations
  • Sport Registration

Adding a Campaign

Campaigns are created in the Store > Campaigns section of the Admin. Once a campaign is created, it needs to be added to the store or registration.


Campaigns are added to registration by placing the campaign in a registration page:

  • View the registration page where the campaign will be added
  • Click on the Add Section button
  • Click on the Show Campaign radio button
  • Select the campaign from the drop down
  • Click on the Add Registration Section button

The display of the campaign can be restricted to certain grades.

  • View the campaign in the registration section
  • Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button (bottom of page)
  • Select the grades to show the campaign
  • Click on the Update Registration Section button


  • A campaign can only appear in registration one time
  • By default, the campaign is displayed to all grades


Campaigns will appear in the store when the Sell in the online store option is selected.

Store Options

The other store options behave as follows:

  • Display this campaign in the store front: When this option is checked, the campaign will be displayed on the home page of the store. If categories are not being used, this option should be selected. There are cases when this is not desired. For example, staff memberships should only be sold to staff. In this cases, the campaign would be emailed to the staff members and they can make their purchase. However, non-staff purchasers will not see the campaign when browsing the store.
  • Mark campaign as not available for sale: Sometimes a product is no longer available for sale. Instead of removing the campaign from the store, mark it as not available. This will prevent parents from calling in when they can't find the campaign.

See Store Categories for information on assigning campaigns to categories.

Restricting a Campaign to a Grade

During registration, campaigns can be restricted to selected grade levels. By default, they are shown to all grades. This feature is helpful when selling/collecting:

  • School Supply Kits
  • Field Trips
  • School Dances
  • Test Prep Services

To restrict grades, in the Admin, navigate to Registration > Setup:

  1. Select the page where the campaign is displayed
  2. Select the campaign or page section
  3. Click Edit on the bottom of the page in the Advanced Section.
  4. Select the grades to view the campaign
  5. Click Update

Images and Attachments

Each campaign can have two images: a product image and a header image. The product image should be 200x200 and the header image should be 600x300.

Attachments are displayed at the bottom of the campaign. These are used to make supplemental forms and information available to the purchaser. Attachments are displayed in alphabetical order by name.

Click on the Upload links to upload an image or the Upload Attachment button to add an attachment.

Images and Attachment


Campaigns can track available inventory. To set the inventory:

  1. Create a Product campaign.
  2. Click the Edit Advanced Settings button towards the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the Track Inventory checkbox, then enter the available inventory.



  • Inventory only applies to Product campaigns. It is not available in membership, tuition, pledge, or donation campaigns.
  • Inventory does not account for product options. For example, a campaign can specify 100 shirts, but does not support having 50 red and 50 green shirts. To get around this, we recommend using multiple campaigns.

Product Options

Product campaigns support product options. Product options allow purchasers to specify options such as size, color, etc.

Product Options Display

To enable product options:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button.
  3. In the Product Options section, enter the name of the option and the option values.

    Product Options Form

  4. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.


Make sure each option is specified on it's own line. Do not use commas to separate options.

Use the Unit Sale Report to view sales summaries with options included.


FutureFund allows tracking the delivery of products sold. This feature must be enabled in each campaign needing fulfillment.

To mark a campaign as needing fulfillment:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button.
  3. Check the This item is a physical good needing fulfillment option.
  4. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.

See Order Fulfillment for information on changing the fulfillment status.


Donation campaigns support installment plans. When making a purchase, the purchaser will be presented with the following option:

Installments Display

To enable installments:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button.
  3. Check the Enable payment by installments option.
  4. Set the number of installments.
  5. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.

Installments Form

FutureFund provides two reports to assist with managing installments:


  • Installments are available on donation campaigns.
  • The number of installments is set by the administrator.
  • Changing the number of installments will only impact new purchases.
  • The payment frequency is fixed with monthly payments.

Suggested Donations

The suggested donation amount allows an Administrator to highlight an amount as seen below:

Suggested Donations

To enable suggested donations:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit button.
  3. Enter the desired Suggested Amount.
  4. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.


  • Suggested donations are only available in donation campaigns.
  • The suggested amount must match a predefined donation amount.

Auto-Select Donation Amounts

During registration, FutureFund will automatically select the suggested donation amount for the purchaser when the 'Automatically select the suggested donation during registration' option is selected. The purchaser can change the selection to another amount or select the 'Not Now' button on the purchase page.

To enable auto-select, first set a Suggested Donation amount:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button.
  3. Check the Automatically select the suggested donation during registration option.
  4. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.

Tax Deductible Donations

Campaigns marked as tax-deductible will display the following message on the campaign purchase page and the receipt.

Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution. PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization TAX ID: 00-000000000

If the purchase is over $250, the purchaser will receive a Tax Receipt at the end of the year.

To mark a campaign as tax-deductible:

  1. View the campaign.
  2. Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button.
  3. Check the The entire donation is tax deductible (no goods or services exchanged) option.
  4. Click the Update Campaign button to save the change.


  • This option can be changed at anytime and receipts will be updated in realtime.
  • FutureFund support donations where goods or services are not exchanged for the donation.
  • It is the school's responsibility to ensure the purchase meets IRS guidelines.
  • Any campaign can be designated as tax-deductible.