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Campaign Bundles


Campaign Bundles are in development and will be released in early Q2 2023.

Campaign Bundles allow parents to purchase a group of campaigns (known as selected campaigns) as a single purchase while allowing the admin to manage the order as if each campaign was purchased separately.

Campaign Selection

Any number of campaigns can be added to a campaign bundle. There is no limit, however, we encourage the admin to select a reasonable number for simplicity.

The following campaign types are supported in a bundle: Product, Donation, Fundraiser, Sign Up, and Membership


The campaign bundle has a single price and optionally a member price. When a campaign is added to the bundle, the admin will enter the amount allocated to each campaign.

For example, if a bundle contains a donation and a membership, the admin will specify an amount for the donation of $100 and an amount for the membership of $25. The campaign bundle price will be the sum of the selected campaign amounts. In our example, this is $125.

Note: The donation and fundraiser campaigns have a single donation amount. The parent is not able to select a different amount or opt out.


Campaign bundles do not have the concept of attribution (e.g., Student, Parent, Teacher, and Family). Instead, attribution of the selected campaigns flow through to the bundled campaign. The purchaser is able to select one student, teacher, and parent during the purchase process.

For example, if a campaign bundle contains a yearbook (student attribution), spirit wear (student attribution), and PTO membership (parent attribution), the purchaser will select one parent and one student. This attribution information will be associated with the respective campaigns.

Campaign Options

Campaign Options are supported in campaign bundles.

When multiple product campaigns contain campaign options, the options are aggregated, but not de-duplicated. For example, if a shirt and pant campaigns are added and each have a size, the system will display two sizes during checkout. Each size will have the campaign name to differentiate the option.

Reporting and Fulfillment

Behind the scenes, each campaign is added to the order. When the parent views the order, they will see a single bundled item. In the Admin, each campaign will be displayed. This will allow the fulfillment and reporting at the campaign level as well as a bundle.

Funds and Payouts

Sales are deposited to each fund as if the campaign bundle were purchased individually. The campaign bundle is not displayed on the payout report, the selected campaigns are displayed.

The selected campaigns can be from any fund. They do not need to be from the same fund.

Apportioned funds are supported.