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External Campaign

External campaigns provide a way to keep everything parents need in the store without having to remember different sites.Link to third party sites for yearbooks, cafeteria funds, or anything else not in FutureFund. When using an external campaign, the parent is redirected in a new window to a third-party site to make the purchase.


The purchase for external campaigns do not happen in FutureFund and you are not able to view the order in FutureFund.



External Campaign Preview - Store


External Campaign Preview - Registration


When creating the campaign, the following options are specified:

Option Required Description
Name Yes The name of the campaign
Description No A rich text description of the campaign.
Campaign Type Yes Must be set to External. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created.
Fund Yes The fund to associate with purchases from campaign. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created. Although the fund is not used for payment processing, it is used for reporting and permission access and hence required.
URL Yes The site to send the parent when making a purchase.

Advanced Options

The following advanced campaign options are available for External campaigns:

  • Sell in Online Store
  • Not for Sale in Store
  • Show in Storefront
  • Store Category

See Configuring Campaigns for detailed information on campaign options.