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Fundraiser Campaign

Use a Fundraiser campaign to set a goal and collect donations for a project or achievement. Fundraiser campaigns support the same campaign options as donation campaigns.



Fundraiser Campaign Preview - Store


Fundraiser Campaign Preview - Registration


When creating the campaign, the following options are specified:

Option Required Description
Name Yes The name of the campaign
Description No A rich text description of the campaign.
Campaign Type Yes Must be set to Zero Dollar Campaign. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created.
Fund Yes The fund to associate with purchases from campaign. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created.
Amount Yes Specify up to four amounts for parents to select when donating. One amount is required.
Goal Amount Yes The goal amount for the campaign. This is displayed as a goal meter in the campaign.

Advanced Options

The following advanced campaign options are available for Fundraiser campaigns:

  • Tax Deductible
  • Donation Display Options
  • Show Donor Wall
  • Installments
  • Sell in Online Store
  • Not for Sale in Store
  • Show in Storefront
  • Store Category

See Configuring Campaigns for detailed information on campaign options.


  • The amount raised does not account for processing fees. The amount represents the gross amount instead of the net amount.
  • The campaign will continue to collect donations once he goal amount has been reached.
  • Contact support if your campaign needs to start at an amount other than $0. For example, there are cases when donations have already been made outside of FutureFund and the Admin wants the amount raised to reflect the total donations.