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Managing Campaigns

Adding a Campaign

Campaigns are created in the Store > Campaigns section of the Admin. Once a campaign is created, it needs to be added to the store or registration.


Campaigns are added to registration by placing the campaign in a registration page:

  • View the registration page where the campaign will be added
  • Click on the Add Section button
  • Click on the Show Campaign radio button
  • Select the campaign from the drop down
  • Click on the Add Registration Section button

The display of the campaign can be restricted to certain grades.

  • View the campaign in the registration section
  • Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button (bottom of page)
  • Select the grades to show the campaign
  • Click on the Update Registration Section button


  • A campaign can only appear in registration one time
  • By default, the campaign is displayed to all grades


Campaigns are added to the store enabling store access:

  • View the campaign
  • Click on the Design button
  • Click on the Edit button in the Settings card
  • Select the desired store options

Campaigns will appear in the store when the Sell in the online store option is selected.

Store Options

Store options behave as follows:

  • Mark campaign as not available for sale: Sometimes a product is no longer available for sale. Instead of removing the campaign from the store, mark it as not available. This will prevent parents from calling in when they can't find the campaign.
  • Display this campaign in the store front: When this option is checked, the campaign will be displayed on the home page of the store. If categories are not being used, this option should be selected. There are cases when this is not desired. For example, staff memberships should only be sold to staff. In this cases, the campaign would be emailed to the staff members and they can make their purchase. However, non-staff purchasers will not see the campaign when browsing the store.
  • Store Category: Store categories allow campaigns to be assigned to a category which is displayed on the left sidebar when one visits the store. See Store Categories for information on categories.

Restricting a Campaign to a Grade

During registration, campaigns can be restricted to selected grade levels. By default, they are shown to all grades. This feature is helpful when selling/collecting:

  • School Supply Kits
  • Field Trips
  • School Dances
  • Test Prep Services

To restrict grades, in the Admin, navigate to Students > Setup:

  1. Select the page where the campaign is displayed
  2. Select the campaign or page section
  3. Click Edit on the bottom of the page in the Advanced Section.
  4. Select the grades to view the campaign
  5. Click Update


Grade restrictions are only available during registration and not available in the store.