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Multi-Level Membership

The Multi-Level Membership campaigns are a great way to sell premium memberships for organizations offing a variety of membership levels.

Similar to Membership campaigns, purchasers are added as members in the Membership section of the Admin with their paid level and member discounts are supported in Purchase Campaigns.



Donation Campaign Preview - Store


Donation Campaign Preview - Registration


When creating the campaign, the following options are specified:

Option Required Description
Name Yes The name of the campaign
Description No A rich text description of the campaign.
Campaign Type Yes Must be set to Zero Dollar Campaign. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created.
Fund Yes The fund to associate with purchases from campaign. This cannot be changed once the campaign is created.

Membership Levels and Member Creation

  • Campaigns must have at least one membership level
  • Membership levels are sorted by dollar amount in descending order (highest priced item on top)
  • There is no limit to number of membership levels, however, we recommend no more than 5 levels
  • For registration purchases, Multi-Level Membership campaigns create membership records for each parent in the registration session.
  • For store purchases, the membership record is created for the named member (which can be the purchaser).

Advanced Options

The following advanced campaign options are available for Multi-Level Membership campaigns:

  • Tax Deductible
  • Sell in Online Store
  • Not for Sale in Store
  • Show in Storefront
  • Store Category

See Configuring Campaigns for detailed information on campaign options.