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Pledge Campaign

FutureFund's pledge campaign is a great way to encourage student achievement as well as collect donations from friends and family.

Creating Pledge Campaigns

Campaigns are created as the Pledge type and specify the following:

  • Email Template: Parents will email friends and family letting them know about the fundraiser. This field will serve as the body of the email. Parents can customize this before they send it.

Inviting Participants

Once the campaign is created, on the campaign page there is a link in the right sidebar, View Participants. This page will show students participating in the campaign. To invite students, click on the Invite Participants button.

At this time, we support inviting student by grade level. Students will not be invited twice if the button is pressed more than once.

Data Fields

The participants page displays the following fields:

Column Description
Student Name The name of the student.
Teacher The name of the teacher (if used).
Grade The grade of the student.
Order Count The number of orders the student received.
Gross Amount The amount of money the student collected online.

Parent Functionality

When students are invited, parents will receive the following email:

Participant Parent Email

Parents will be directed to the Profile site when the Support button is clicked. From there, parents can invite friends and family by entering their name and email address. FutureFund will automatically send emails with instructions how to donate.

Participant Invitation Email