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Orders can quickly be found using the search box on the orders page (Admin > Store > Orders). The order search supports the following:

Search Term Type Example
Order Number Exact 1001
Parent Name Fuzzy John
John Smith
Purchaser Name Fuzzy John
John Smith
Email Fuzzy
Stripe Transaction Reference Exact ch_928FtrsvWXlH07
Last Four of Credit Card Exact 4242


  • Name and email are fuzzy (wildcard) searches, entering 'John' will also return 'Johny' but not 'Jon'
  • All searches are case-insensitive (uppercase and lowercase are treated the same)

Building Orders

While we recommend parents place the orders during registration or in the online store, there are times when an administration will need to manually create an order. This is done by clicking the Build Order button on the orders page.

  1. Enter the parent's information to create a cart. (Tip: For purchases to existing parents, this step can be skipped by clicking the Build Order link in the right sidebar when viewing an existing order or the parent's record in the Registration section.)

    Build Order Name

  2. Add products to the cart by clicking the Add Product button and completing the form.

    Build Order Add Product

  3. Continue the previous step until the cart is complete. Click the Finalize to convert the cart to an order.

    Build Order Finalize

When an order is manually created, the parent will receive an email receipt and the payment type is set to Check/Cash.

Issuing Refunds

Refunds should be issued from the Admin in FutureFund. This allows for accurate accounting, audit trails, and parent notifications.

To issue a refund:

  1. In the Admin, navigate to Store > Orders.
  2. Click the View button
  3. In the Payment Information section, find the transaction needing a refund and click on the View button.
  4. Complete the form to issue the refund.


The refund form has the following options:

  • To issue a full refund, check each product in the list.
  • To issue a partial refund, click on the dollar amount and enter the desired refund amount.
  • By default, the refund payment will match the original payment method. However, there are cases when a charge needs to be refunded with a check. In this case, select the Check/Cash refund option.
  • The parent will receive an email if the Send email receipt option is checked.

    Refund Email

Refunding an item does not remove or cancel the item from the order nor does it replenish inventory. You must cancel the item on the order page to exclude the item from reports.

Failed Installments

Parents who sign up with an installment plan will have their credit card charged each month a payment is due. There are times when the credit card is declined and FutureFund cannot receive a payment. Some causes are:

  • Credit Limit Exceeded
  • Expired Card
  • Account Closed

In these cases, we will attempt to charge the card again the following day. We will try up to three times before marking the installment as failed and sending the following email:

Failed Installments

When the parent receives this email, they can click on the link to update their payment information. You are welcome to reach out to the parent as well to update their payment information.

FutureFund provides a report showing failed installments. See the Failed Installment Plan Report for more information.


FutureFund uses the following terms when referring to metrics:

Column Description
Balance The amount still owed from the order.
Collected The sum of the paid transactions. This does not include refunds or canceled installment plans.
Fees The sum of the fees for a set of transactions. This could be a negative or positive number. Transaction fees are calculated for each campaign with an accuracy ± $0.01. The transaction fee of $0.30 is distributed evenly based on the dollar amount of the items. When a refund occurs, the transaction fee is refunded when the entire amount is refunded. This can result in irregularities in how the fee is distributed to the campaign.
Gross The sum of the purchased items of an order. This value does not include payment information (e.g., refunds, installments, failed payments, etc) nor is it affected by canceled order items.
Net Collected Amount - Refunded Amount - Fees = New Amount
Pledged The pledged amount is the amount selected during the order.
Refunded The sum of the refunded transactions. This is always a negative number.

Understanding Dates

There are various dates impacting reporting and reconciliation. For example, an order can be placed on November 30, however the payment was received in December. FutureFund uses the following dates in reporting:

  • Order Date - Reports using the order date will show totals based on when the order was placed. For example, the Campaign Summary report will show amounts based on the order date.
  • Payment Date - Reports using the payment date will show totals based on when the payment was received. For installments and check payment methods, this may be different than the order date.
  • Post Date - This is not used in reports, but important to understand. This is when the transaction is posted to the account. For example, when an order is placed on Sunday, it will post on the next business day.
  • Payout Date - The Reconciliation Report uses the payout date (or deposit date) to show totals.