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Platform Accounts

We've teamed up with Stripe to offer Platform Accounts. Platform accounts allow a single charge when multiple funds are in an order. This greatly reduces confusion when parents would see multiple charges on their credit card statements.

With Standalone Accounts, each fund will incur a charge on the parent's credit card. This can lead to confusion and in some cases trigger credit card declines.

Standalone Account

Platform Accounts charge the parent's card one time, no matter how many funds are included, yet still keep multiple deposits avoiding co-mingling of funds.

Platform Account

Program Benefits

  • Single purchase on purchaser's card (fewer decline messages)
  • Lower credit card processing rates1
  • Automatic dispute (chargeback) response
  • Request purchaser to pay for processing fees
  • By default, your funds are deposited into your bank account every Wednesday. If Wednesday falls on a banking holiday, the deposit will be occur on the next business day.

Migration Instructions

Accounts will not be automatically migrated. Action is required on your part to participate in Platform Accounts.

  1. Email when you are ready to make the change. We will enable the feature in your account. During this time:
    • New funds cannot be created
    • New purchases will continue to be processed as standalone accounts with current processing rates
  2. In the Store > Setup page, click the Migrate button next to each fund and enter the required information.
  3. Verify your statement descriptor in Settings > Account. The statement descriptor will appear on your parent's bank statement, depending on the format their bank uses. Statement descriptors are limited to between 5 and 22 characters.

  4. When all funds have been migrated, email letting us know to switch over the account to platform accounts.


  • Platform accounts do not affect check/cash payments, only credit card payments are changed
  • Orders with installment plans placed before the migration will continue processing as standalone accounts
  • The migration is a one way migration, accounts cannot revert to standalone accounts once migrated

  1. A majority of FutureFund users will see lower credit card processing fees. Ask our support team to see how your fees will be impacted.