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Platform Fees

Each credit card order placed on FutureFund is charged a platform fee. This fee is the combination of the following:

  • Processing Fees: These are fees charged by processors, interchanges, and credit card companies to cover the costs of accepting credit cards, preventing fraud, and managing payouts.
  • Platform Fee: This fee funds development of the FutureFund platform and support costs.

For simplicity, we refer to both fees as Platform Fees. There are no other fees other than the Platform Fee.

Platform Fee Payment Options

Each account can select their preferred option to cover the cost of the Platform Fee:

  1. Purchaser will cover 100% of the platform fee (this is the default option)
  2. School will cover 100% of the platform fee
  3. The purchaser will have the option to cover the platform fee, if they decline, the school will cover the fee

To change the payment option for the Platform Fee, email FutureFund Support.


  • When the purchaser is given the option to pay the platform fee, the option default is 'on'. Buyers can opt out of the fee during checkout.
  • Platform fees for installments are collected up front when the order is placed. Future installments will have a zero fee associated with the payment.
  • The collected platform fee can be refunded, however, this will debit your fund's account to cover the cost. There is a separate platform fee for each fund if more than one fund is used in the order.
  • Platform fees are not applied to check/cash orders.
  • This feature is available in the store and registration checkout pages.
  • This feature is not available when manually creating an order in the Admin.