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FutureFund offers many reports about your store that can inform your long-term decisions. Analyze sales, analyze deposits, view number of orders, reconcile accounts, and more. It’s exactly what you would do with a physical store — but far more organized and convenient.

  • Campaign Detail: The Campaign Detail report provide a detailed record for every purchase for the specified campaign.
  • Campaign Summary: The campaign summary report shows the distribution of funds to the campaigns. This report is used to get a high level view of sales for each campaign.
  • Corporate Matching Summary: The corporate matching summary report show by employer the number of requests in each workflow step along with eligible and collected amounts.
  • Donation Detail: The donation detail report shows a breakdown of donations to a single campaign by amount and grade.
  • Failed Installment: The failed installment plan report shows past due installments.
  • Installment Plan: The installment plan report shows orders with an active or complete installment plan.
  • Payment Type: They payment type report provides a breakdown by payment type, payment method, card type, and processing errors.
  • Reconciliation Report: The reconciliation detail report shows payouts (deposit) from Stripe and the campaign allocation.
  • Registration Offline Payment: The registration offline payment detail report shows transactions needing payment.
  • Transaction Detail: The transaction detail report shows paid payment transactions.
  • Unit Sale: The unit sale report shows the number of units sold with options.