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Failed Installment Plan Report

The failed installment plan report shows past due installments. Cancelled transactions are not included.

A scheduled installment becomes a failed transaction if it is unpaid after the scheduled payment date. Customers are sent an email after the third failed payment attempt.

Failed Installment Plan Report


The report is filterable by the following fields:

  • Order Date
  • Fund

Data Fields

The following fields are included in the report:

Column Description
Order The order number.
Purchaser The name of person who placed the order.
Payment Method The method of payment (check, credit)
Age (days) The number of days an order has a past due balance.
Past Due Balance The amount from the order that is past due.

The following fields are added when the report is exported:

Column Description
Purchaser First Name The first name of the purchaser.
Purchaser Last Name The last name of the purchaser.
Purchaser Phone The phone number of the purchaser.
Purchaser Email The email address of the purchaser.


This report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV File