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Transaction Detail Report

The transaction detail report shows paid payment transactions. There may be more than one transaction per order. For example, a payment and a refund.

Transaction Detail Report


The report is filterable by the following fields:

  • Order Date
  • Fund


The date filter is applied to the payment date for the transaction. For installment and check payments, this is the date the payment was received.

Data Fields

The following fields are included in the report:

Column Description
Order The order number from the transaction.
Payment Date The date payment was made. This may be different than the order date.
Fund The name of the fund.
Ref ID The Stripe transaction ID for the payment or refund or the check number depending on the payment type.
Payment Method Method of payment (charge, check)
Transaction Type The type of transaction (charge, refund)
Gross The sum of the purchased items of an order. This value does not include payment information (e.g., refunds, installments, failed payments, etc) nor is it affected by canceled order items.
Fee The sum of the fees for a set of transactions. This could be a negative or positive number.
Net Amount Collected Amount - Refunded Amount - Fees = New Amount

The following fields are added when the report is exported:

Column Description
Purchaser First Name The first name of the purchaser.
Purchaser Last Name The last name of the purchaser.
Purchaser Email The email address of the purchaser.
Comments Any comments associated with the transaction.


This report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV File