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Unit Sale Report

The unit sale report shows the number of units sold with options. Only campaigns with a campaign type of product that can be fulfilled are included.

Unit Sale Report


Ensure the flag This item is a physical good needing fulfillment is checked for the campaign to be included in the report.


The report is filterable by the following fields:

  • Order Date
  • Fund

Data Fields

The following fields are included in the report:

Column Description
Campaign The name of the campaign in the default language.
Option A If the sold product has options, the first option is shown.
Option B If the sold product has options, the second option is shown.
Units Sold The number of units sold for the option combination.
Units Delivered The number of units delivered for the option combination.
Units Pending The number of units needing deliver for the option combination.


This report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV File