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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a parent change something online after they paid?

Once the parent completes registration, they are not able to add or remove items from their order. Site administrators can refund purchases, update information, and change product options.

If a parent needs to purchase additional products, we recommend they use the online store. This required the site to have the store enabled and have products in the store for purchase.

Why is it this way?

Great question. When parents are able to make changes to a placed order it causes confusion:

There will be multiple receipts for the same order number showing different purchases. A parent may remove an item they already received during walk-through registration. Transactions get complicated when items are add and/or removed and money is owed. When they make a purchase from the store, they receive a new receipt.

How many parents and students can be registered at once?

FutureFund supports four students and four parents per registration session. If families have more than four students, they will need to create two registration sessions.

How long does the online registration take?

It depends. Generally, it will take 5 minutes. However, if there are a lot of documents to read, it can take a while.

What if the parent does not have a computer?

We recommend the school make a computer available for their use. If this is not possible, they can be directed to a local public library to complete online registration.

Can parents register using their phone?

Yes. Our fully responsive design allows parents register on any device (desktop, table, or mobile). They do not need to download an app, just visit the registration page using their mobile browser.