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Corporate Matching Summary

The corporate matching summary report show by employer the number of requests in each workflow step along with eligible and collected amounts. This report includes known companies in our database as well as unknown companies (non-matched user entered employers).

Corporate Matching Summary Report


The report is filterable by the following fields:

  • Fund


The date filter is applied to the payment date of the transaction when calculating all columns except the Gross Amount which uses the order date.

Data Fields

The following fields are included in the report:

Column Description
Employer The name of the employer.
Pending The number of requests sent to the purchaser and waiting for a response.
Submitted The number of requests sent to the employer for matching.
Paid The number of requests paid by the employer.
Rejected The number of requests rejected by the employer.
Eligible The amount eligible for matching funds.
Collected The amount collected in matching funds from employers.


This report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV File