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User Manager

The user manager controls access to the Admin as well as restricts which parts of the system are available to the user.

User Manager List

User Manager

Permission Keys

Permission keys are a quick and easy way to view the permissions across all admins in the user manager. Each letter corresponds to a section in the Admin (e.g., R = Registration, S = Store, etc) where a solid color is enabled and inverse color is disabled. Hovering over the letter will reveal the name of the section.

User Manager: Permission Keys

In the above example, Elizabeth Grace is the Owner and has permission to all sections. Whereas Scott Keller only has access to the Store.


The Funds column will show the funds the admin can access with the following labels:

  • All Funds: The admin has access to all funds in the account.
  • Partial: The admin has access to some funds, but not all funds.
  • None: The admin does not have access to any fund.

Hovering over the Partial label will show the funds the admin can access.


The owner of the account will have the Owner label next to their name. To change the owner, see: Account Management in Settings

Adding Users

Users with the Settings permission can grant additional users the ability to access the administrative tools. To add a user:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Settings > User Manager
  • Click the Add User button in the upper right corner of the page
  • Enter the user's information, click Add User

When a user is added, they will receive an email invitation with a link to the admin site and instructions how to set their password. If the user does not receive an email, have them check their SPAM folder.

Removing Users

To remove a user:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Settings > User Manager
  • Click the Remove button next to the user's name

When removing a user, access to the Admin is removed. The user's account is not deleted and they are able to use it at other schools.



Each user has permissions corresponding to the major sections in the admin:

  • Registration
  • Store
  • Directory
  • Membership
  • Volunteer
  • Messaging
  • Settings

In addition to the sections, each user can be given access to each fund. Financial reports in the Store will be filtered by fund based on the permission setting.


Users with the permission Settings can change their own permissions.


  • As a best practice, we recommend each user have a named account. Shared accounts (e.g., should not be used.
  • Never share your password to your account with anyone including the support team at FutureFund.
  • When using a public computer, be sure to logout when done using FutureFund.
  • Users with the permission Settings can change their own permissions.
  • We recommend auditing users and permissions towards the end of the school year. Remove users no longer associated with the school and verify each user has the most restrictive permission and fund access.