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Directory Setup

Enabling the Directory

The online directory is off by default. To enable the online directory:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Setup
  • Check the Publish online directory option in the Advanced section
  • Click the Update button

Advanced Options

Adding Directory Page to Registration

Add the directory page to registration:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Registration > Setup
  • Click the Add Page button
  • Enter the name for the page
  • Select Directory as the page type

The directory page can only be added once in the registration and must come after the Sign Up page.

Accessing the Directory

Most sites setup the online directory a few weeks after school starts. Parents will not have access until they are invited. Parent's access can be individually managed by:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Directory Entry and Access
  • Click View next to the student
  • Click Grant Access or Revoke Access for each parent

Parents can be invited in bulk by accessing the bulk operations:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Setup
  • In the Invitations section, select the option to invite parents

Parents will receive an email when you grant access or send a bulk invitation. Parents will not be invited twice. You can safely click the bulk buttons multiple times without filling their inboxes.

Sample Directory Email

Parents can view the directory by visiting the directory site on mobile and desktop devices.


You can test the directory by granting access to yourself.

Promoting in Print

A QR Code is provided to promote the directory in print materials. It can be added to mailers, flyers, and posters.

QR Code

To view the QR Code:

  1. In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Setup.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.
  3. To download the QR Code, right click on the image and select "Save image as..."


The QR Code is unique to the school year and must be recreated for each school session.