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The Sponsors feature allows schools to sell sponsorships (or advertising). You are welcome to charge whatever you like and keep 100% of the proceeds. Many schools use this feature to offset the costs of FutureFund. Pricing is set by the schools, but our support team can provide guidance on what to charge.

When a sponsor is added, they will appear in the online directory for the desktop and mobile version. They will not appear on other pages. When multiple sponsors are in the system they will be randomly rotated for each page view.

Managing Sponsors

To manage the sponsors, in the Admin, navigate to Directory > Sponsors. From there, sponsors can be added, updated, or removed.


Each sponsor needs two images. A mobile square version with the dimensions 500x500 and a desktop/tablet wide skyscraper version with the dimensions 320x1200. Sponsors will not appear on the site until the images are uploaded.

Sponsor Example Page


There are two metrics we track with sponsors:

  • Views - The number of times the sponsor is displayed to a visitor (page views, not unique)
  • Clicks - The number of times the visitor clicks on the sponsor's image (raw clicks, not unique)