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Member Pricing

Purchase campaigns support member pricing in addition to the regular, non-member pricing.

Member Pricing

Pricing Behavior

When a campaign has a member price:

  • The regular and member price are displayed when viewing the campaign
  • When the item is added to the cart, the cart will reflect the correct price
  • Member pricing is set when creating or editing a campaign in the Store section of the Admin.


Eligibility for member pricing is based on the following:

  • Members whose email address in the membership record for the current school session match the user's email when making a purchase
  • Purchasers who are purchasing a membership along with an item with a member price
  • Purchasers who purchased a campaign for someone else in the current school session

In all cases, the fund of the membership must match the fund of the campaign. For example, if a parent purchased a membership from the PTA, the member pricing would only apply to PTA products. In order to receive a discount on ASB items, the parent would need to purchase an ASM membership.


  • Member pricing is supported in the store and registration
  • Eligibility is scoped to the active school session