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Custom Forms


Custom forms allow a school to collect information during registration. Parents can be prompted to supply additional information when adding a parent or student. Examples include:

  • Student birthdate
  • Student ID
  • Hobbies
  • Parent interests

Custom forms can also be used to complete waivers and agreements. Examples include:

  • Internet Use Policy
  • Do not photo policy
  • PTA Waivers

Managing Forms

Forms and Form Elements

A form is made up of form elements. The following types of form elements are supported:

Name Description
Text Rich text displayed on the page.
Agreement Legal form displayed that required explicit acknowledgment of reading.
Input Field Form element designed for collecting input from the user.

There are three types of input fields:

Name Description
Short Text One-line text response.
Long Text Multi-line text response.
Checkbox Boolean input element implemented as a checkbox for yes/no or true/false questions.
Date Date field input.

Parent and Student Registration

Student and parent forms are appended to the standard registration presented on the signup page and have the following names.

  • Registration Form: Parent
  • Registration Form: Student

These forms cannot be deleted. Removing the form elements will have the same effect as removing the form.

Registration Forms

Custom forms are added to registration by placing the form in a registration page:

  • View the registration page where the form will be added
  • Click on the Add Section button
  • Click on the Show Form radio button
  • Select the form from the drop down
  • Click on the Add Registration Section button

The display of the campaign can be restricted to certain grades.

  • View the form in the registration section
  • Click on the Edit Advanced Settings button (bottom of page)
  • Select the grades to show the form
  • Click on the Update Registration Section button


  • A form can only appear in registration one time
  • By default, the form is displayed to all grades


Information collected in the form can be exported in the following formats by clicking on the Export Responses link in the right sidebar:

  • CSV File