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Store Configuration

Most purchases will be made during registration, however, there are times when parents will need to make a purchase after the initial registration purchase. In these cases, the parents will visit the store to make their purchase.

Accessing the Store

Parents can access the store by visiting the on mobile and desktop devices.

Configuring the Store

The store is configured in the Advanced Settings section in Store > Settings.

Advanced Settings

Payment Methods

FutureFund supports the following payment types:

  • Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners)
  • Checks/Cash (Offline payment sent to the school)

Sites can select which payment type is supported when payments are made during registration or in the store by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.

See Offline Payments for information on the managing offline payments.

Receipt Message

The receipts allow appending a custom message to the bottom of each receipt by entering text in the Receipt Message text box.

Receipt Message

Corporate Matching

See Corporate Matching for information on the corporate matching feature.

Enabling and Disabling the Store

The store is disabled by default and needs to be enabled before it is made available. To enable or disable the store:

  1. In the Admin, navigate to Store > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.
  3. Toggle the Publish online store checkbox to enable or disable the store.

Advanced Settings

Store Categories

Store categories allow campaigns to be assigned to a category which is displayed on the left sidebar when one visits the store. For example, you can organize your campaigns by:

  • Fund (PTA, Ed Fund)
  • Program (Athletic Booster, Music Program, etc)
  • Function (Field Trips, School Supply Kits, etc)

Campaigns can be added to a store category and still appear in the storefront. This is a great way to show featured campaigns. Store categories are optional. If you only have a few items in your storefront, there really isn't a need to use them. However, if you are running a few pages of campaigns, it's time to get organized.

Category Management

Manage Store Categories

To manage store categories:

  1. In the Admin, navigate to Store > Setup
  2. Scroll to the Advanced section and click on the Manage Store Categories link.
  3. Add as many categories as needed
  4. Navigate to a Campaign in Store > Campaigns
  5. Click the View button next to the campaign
  6. Click the Edit Advanced Settings button
  7. In the Store Options section, select the appropriate store category


  • A campaign can belong to at most one category
  • Store categories without any campaigns are hidden in the store
  • Store categories are displayed in alphabetical order
  • The name of the store category supports translations
  • Campaigns can be manually sorted on the storefront and each store category page