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Teacher Assignment

The online directory has the option to filter results by teacher. If teachers are not entered, the option to filter by teacher is not displayed. Entering and assigning teachers is not required to use the online directory.


Teacher assignment is typically reserved for elementary schools.

Managing Teachers

To manage teachers:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Teachers
  • Manage teachers as appropriate

Teacher Assignment Tool

Students can be assigned to teachers in bulk:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Setup
  • In the Data Services section, click on the Assign Teacher to Students link
  • For each student, select their assigned teacher

Teacher Assignment

Importing Teacher Assignments

FutureFund supports bulk uploading teacher assignments:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Directory > Setup
  • In the Data Services section, click on the Import Teacher/Student Assignments link
  • Select the file, click Import to continue


  • Students must be in the same grade as the teacher.
  • This operation will override any existing teacher assignments.
  • Students that cannot be found will be skipped.
  • If multiple students are found with the same name in the same grade as the teacher, all students will have the same teacher assignment.
  • It is not possible to unassign a teacher assignment via the import tool.
  • There is no limit on the number of rows in the file.

File Format

The uploaded file must have three columns formatted as CSV. Below is a sample of what the file will look like (sample file).

Student First Name Student Last Name Teacher Name
Jane Grace Mrs. Keller
John Michael Mrs. Martin

Manual Teacher Assignment

Students can individually be assigned to a teacher in the registration section:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Students > Students
  • Click View for the student to make the assignment
  • Click the Edit button
  • Select the teacher, press Update Student button