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Student IDs

FutureFund supports uploading student IDs for validation during registration. When this feature is enabled, the parent will enter the student ID and the last name. The system will look up this combination and if found, copy the first name, middle name, grade, and teacher if available.


When enabled, the parent will be required to enter a valid student ID and name during registration. The parent will not be able to continue with registration unless a valid last name and student id is provided.

Registration Form

Student ID Management

Student IDs can be uploaded or manually managed in FutureFund by navigating to Students > Setup, then clicking on the Manage Student IDs link in the Student ID Management section.

Bulk Loading

Links to upload and download data are available in the lower-right corner of the page under Data Management.


When uploading a file, all existing student id records will be deleted from the system. Students will not be deleted and will be linked to the student ID when the upload is complete.

File Format

The uploaded file must have six columns formatted as CSV. The teacher is optional and only applies to elementary schools. Below is a sample of what the file will look like. There is no limit on the number of rows in the file.

Student ID First Name Middle Name Last Name Grade Teacher
10001 Jane Grace Miller 4 Mrs. Kelly
10002 John Michael Kotler K Mrs. Bryce


  • The grade must already exist in the system and use the same name as the uploaded file. Using a grade that does not exist will result in an error.
  • The teacher must already exist in the system and use the same punctuation and spelling as the uploaded file. The system looks for an exact match. Using a teacher that does not exist will result in an error.
  • If there are more than one grade or teacher with the same name, the system will use the first match.


The Student ID feature has two options specified in the school session. These options are available when navigating to Students > Setup:

  • Autofill student information during registration: Toggles enablement of this feature.
  • Help Text: This text is displayed below the form field asking for the student ID to assist when the student ID is not known to the parent. For example, "Please call (925) 555-1212 if you do not know your student's ID number."

Student ID Configuration