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Sending Messages

Messaging Rules

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not spam your users. Send relevant information based on their purchases or interests.
  • By default, emails are sent from an unmonitored email list. Please do not instruct recipients to reply to the email unless the Replo-To address is set. See Reply-To Email Address
  • If a user requested to unsubscribe they will not receive additional emails.

Email Recipients

FutureFund supports sending emails to the following recipients:

  • Send based on purchase history: Communicate with parents based on their purchase history.
  • Send based on corporate matching: Communicate with parents in the corporate matching program.
  • Send based on directory access: Communicate with parents with or without access to the directory.
  • Send to members: Communicate with members based on their membership level.
  • Send to volunteers: Communicate with volunteers by volunteer position.
  • Send to parents by grade: Communicate with parents with students in selected grades.
  • Send to parents by teacher: Communicate with parents with student in selected teacher's classes.
  • Send to parents on registration page: Send email to parents on the selected registration page.
  • Send to all parents: Send email to all registered parents.

Sending Email

Email can be sent in the following sections of FutureFund in addition to the Messaging section:

  • Store
  • Directory
  • Membership
  • Volunteer

Our email wizard will guide you through the process of identifying recipients, authoring your message, and sending the email.