Tax Receipts

FutureFund can send tax receipts to purchasers with at least one tax deductible purchase over $250 in the past calendar year.

Program Details

Before sending the email, please verify the fund's Tax ID is accurate as emails can only be sent once.

  • This feature is available in the month of January of each year and will cover all live school sessions.
  • Only purchased items (vs the order as a whole) greater than or equal to $250 are included. For example, if two tax deductible - items were purchased on a single order for $200 and $75, those items would not be included as neither one was over $250.
  • Purchase items whose tax deductible flag is checked at the time of purchase are included in the receipt. Changing the tax deductible flag for a campaign will not include previously purchased items.
  • This feature is not automatic. An admin must initiate the send request. (See below)
  • Test orders will not receive an email.
  • One email is sent per purchaser for all funds in the account.

Sending Tax Receipts

To send tax receipt emails:

  1. Log in to the Admin, select Store > Setup.
  2. Scroll down to the Tax Receipts section.
  3. Click the Send Tax Receipts button.

    Tax Receipt Section

  4. A form will be displayed allow customization of the tax message which appears at the end of the email. See Sample Email

    Tax Receipt Form

  5. Click the Send Tax Receipts button.

If the button is not present, you cannot send tax receipt emails. Please see the Program Details section.

Sample Email

Tax Receipt